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We do things a little differently around here. If you come to one of our three locations you’d see that for yourself. Hopefully, this tour gives you a sense of what we have to offer so Crown becomes the place for you and your vehicle. From the paperwork, to the repairs, to all of your questions being answered, Crown has you covered from start to finish. And that’s why, at Crown, our success is no accident. 

Reception area


Our reception area is where Crown’s stress-free repairs begin.  From the minute you arrive, know that we’ll take care of everything. Whether it’s helping you with alternate transportation, establishing a claim number, or working with your insurance company, we’re here for you.  We guarantee a written estimate of time and costs involved within 24 hours of your vehicle arriving at Crown.  If you can’t get to Crown during our normal business hours, we have a key drop box to accommodate you.

Metal Department

The metal department is where the repair process actually begins. Our licensed, experienced and trained technicians first disassemble the vehicle. They do a complete diagnosis to determine if there is any additional damage and order any other necessary parts. All body, frame and mechanical work is then completed in preparation for the paint shop. Crown can provide you with an update of your vehicle at this stage if you wish.

Paint Shop

Upon completion of repairs, vehicles enter the paint shop. Here Crown paint technicians use state of the art color-match technology and water-borne paints to ensure every freshly painted piece matches the original color of the car.

Reconditioning Area

In this final stage, the vehicle is inspected. Every repaired area of the vehicle is checked and double-checked. After this quality control inspection, your vehicle is given a complimentary cleaning, inside and out.

We notify you at least a half day in advance as to when your vehicle will be ready. We can even make special arrangements for a vehicle pick up.